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Best Flooring Types For Allergy Sufferers

Allergies and asthma are very common concerns for Florida flooring shoppers. In fact, it affects as much as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children in the United States. And although many allergens are found outdoors, dust, dander, mold and other allergy triggers found inside the home can cause problems, too. Pollen and other outdoor allergens can also be tracked in on shoes and pets, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are off-gassed from some types of paint, finishes and furnishings.

Making the right flooring choices can greatly improve the quality of your indoor air and reduce problems caused by allergens. In this post, we?ll discuss some tips for choosing the best type of flooring for allergy-sufferers.

In general, the safest flooring for those with allergies is something that won?t trap dirt, dust and allergens. Choose low-VOC flooring with smooth surfaces that you can sweep or vacuum frequently. Here are our top picks for hypoallergenic flooring:

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Engineered Hardwood

Perhaps one of the most popular flooring choices, hardwood floors?add style and value to a home while minimizing dust, animal dander and other common allergens. Hardwood flooring is available in both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, which is constructed of layers of wood compressed together for maximum durability. Both types of wood floors are high-quality, long-lasting and easy to keep clean, making them one of the best choices for anyone with allergies. Beware of using solid hardwood flooring in very humid conditions, like Florida?s climate.

Laminate Flooring

An attractive and durable flooring choice, laminate? is made from layers of composite materials to make an incredibly hard surface that can imitate the appearance of hardwood at a lower cost. Laminate flooring is engineered to be especially resistant to stains, scratches and general wear and tear. This type of flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes and can be installed seamlessly to avoid any gaps where allergens can collect and build up. This low-maintenance and long-lasting flooring is a great choice for anyone with allergies.

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Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl?(LVT) flooring has been a classic choice for homes for many years, and more recent developments mean there are more quality choices than ever before. Luxury vinyl flooring is made from PVC and other synthetic materials, layered to make a durable, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant surface that will last for years. Vinyl flooring is available in planks and mimics the look and feel of hardwood, at a much lower cost. This option offers more moisture resistance (many are waterproof) and structural soundness than other types of flooring too.

Tile Flooring

As one of the oldest flooring styles around, tile gives a classic look to a home. Tiles are most commonly made from ceramic or porcelain and come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Many tile flooring options are manufactured to be especially stain and scratch-resistant, and are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Tile flooring is low maintenance and easily cleaned with a vacuum, broom or mop. Its smooth surface and easy-to-clean nature make it a top choice for those with allergies. Tile is becoming increasingly less popular due to the ?hardness? of walking on it and its cold feel.


Carpet is notorious for trapping in dust, dirt and allergens, and this is worse in carpet with a thicker pile. If you?re suffering from allergies, wall-to-wall carpet may not be the best choice. However, if you like the look or feel of carpeting, try area rugs ? which are easier to clean and replace ? over other types of flooring. Carpet is a common choice for bedrooms, but the best bedroom flooring for those with allergies includes laminate and easy-to-clean, cozy options like hardwood with washable area rugs.

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