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Hardwood Flooring Adds Luxury to Any Room

Speaking of luxury, for hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, or anywhere in Palm Beach County of Southern Florida for that matter, there?s just one place to go: Quantum Floors.

One of the latest luxury towers in Palm Beach County is the addition to the Royal Palm Place. It?s been a popular destination in Palm Beach County?s Boca Raton, but now the developer has even bigger plans by adding an additional two towers that will house 300 luxury apartments and condos. These would be additions to the already existing living and retail space. Source:

Hardwood flooring has gained in popularity, because of its beauty and versatility, as well as the fewer seams. It adds luxury to any kitchen, living/dining area, library or bedroom. The colors and undertones add incredible contrast to any room; it not only sets the stage for other woods, as well as the accessories, artwork and even window views, but it can create a breathtaking inside vista. (For example, a hardwood floor with a view of water, sky, or greenery, can bring out some amazing undertones.)

Best of all, it?s durable and that beauty will last for decades.

Now, are you concerned about Florida?s heat and humidity affecting hardwood flooring? There?s an easy option for hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach: Engineered hardwood, available at Quantum Floors.

Oh, it?s real wood, all right, but it?s the construction that makes it stronger, more durable and water-resistant. Think of a sheet of solid hardwood; the fibers are all lined up. Engineered hardwood has a core (of 100 percent raw wood) and it is layered and veneered, which makes the fibers crisscross, giving it more stability, and even making it appropriate for installation in the basement and at sub-levels (solid hardwood can?t be installed in those areas.)

And, yes, it will add market resale value to your home, just as solid hardwood does.

You clean it just as you would solid hardwood; run a vacuum, soft broom or dry microfiber mop over it regularly. If it ever looks worn or scratched, chances are you?ll just need a re-finishing, but consult a professional flooring expert.

Quantum Floors is the expert on engineered hardwood and that's what West Palm Beach, FL residents turn to us. The company also carries a wide selection of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), laminate and luxury brands. Quantum Floors has showrooms in Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.