hardwood flooring West Palm Beach

Hardwood Keeps Your House Cool

Hardwood keeps your house cool...and there?s only one place to get it - Quantum Floors.

Myth #1: It?s okay to leave humans or animals in a parked car for a few minutes.
Answer: No, because it only takes ten minutes for a car to heat up to 100 degrees, even when the outside temperature is only 75.

NOTE: The Palm Beach Patch gives some tips on keeping your pet cool in this ?Summer Safety Lesson #4? video.: www.patch.com

Myth # 2: You can?t get sunburned by standing in front of a window.
Answer: Not true. The UV Rays penetrate the glass.

Myth # 3: Hardwood keeps your home hot.
Answer: No! In fact, it?s listed as one of the top 4 items to keep your house cool.

This all may sound a little counter-intuitive to you, because we?re always talking about hardwood and its tendency to expand and contract. That just means it?s trying to adjust to the temperature/moisture. That is why hardwood keeps the house cool in the hot weather (and warmer in the colder months.)

There?s another option: Purchase engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood for the West Palm Beach home is the perfect choice, because it is more stable than solid hardwood and it?s a lot more water-resistant. At Quantum Floors, we can assure you it?s still 100% wood, but it?s the construction that makes it act differently.

Engineered hardwood is as easy to keep clean as solid hardwood; just keep it clean and dry: dry-mop or vacuum on a regular basis; avoid excessive water and those waxy cleaners and avoid high heels, because they can create dents and dings.

Quantum Floors is the expert on when it comes engineered hardwood in Palm Beach. The company also carries LVT (luxury vinyl tile), vinyl and laminate. There are three showrooms: Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach, all in FL.