Lucci Luxury Hardwood at Quantum Floors in South Florida

Making Waves with Lucci Luxury Hardwood

Introducing Lucci Luxury Hardwood, 7 stunning new hardwood collections available exclusively at Quantum Floors. Lucci Hardwood floors are constructed to be incredibly durable. We utilize several layers of wood such as eucalyptus, birch, and poplar which are pressed together using a low VOC adhesive. Then, this ?core layer? is topped with a stunning veneer layer of solid European oak or hard maple, creating the canvas on which our exquisite floors are born.

Quality is Our Passion

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. That means producing the highest quality products, providing the best customer care and a sustainable manufacturing process designed to last for years to come. Lucci Hardwood flooring products are timeless because of our commitment to excellence and never-ending dedication to your satisfaction.

Lucci Luxury Hardwood at Quantum Floors in South Florida


Designed to Be Unique

From traditional colors to innovative designs, each collection is extraordinary. We provide the highest quality flooring for every type of home design and look forward to helping you create something wonderful and intimate for your space. Let?s meet the collections.

Lucci Atlantic ? Innovative Oak

A European Oak collection with a variety of tones that will compliment any decor. Our vision with this collection was to create top-quality wide plank hardwood flooring that no one else offers. Made with modern finishing techniques that enhance, rather than hide the natural beauty of the European Oak. Atlantic features bold wide 9?? planks, a UV Lacquer finish, and comes in 7 colors. Click here?to view the collection.

Lucci Baltic ? Classic Creations

Lucci Baltic gives you a classic wood flooring feel that?s always in style. For years, hardwood flooring has proven to be the standard for beautiful homes. The Baltic Collection features smooth-faced planks that are lightly brushed to reveal the natural wood grain. This reinterpretation of the classic wood floor will bring enduring beauty to your home. Lucci Baltic is made of European Oak, has wide 7?? planks, a UV Lacquer finish and comes in 5 colors. Click here?to view the collection.

Lucci Luxury Hardwood at Quantum Floors in South Florida


Lucci Caribbean ? Magnificent Maple

The Lucci Caribbean collection features stunning maple hardwood with a smooth finish. Not only does maple look fantastic, it ages well and will endure for years. The moderately priced collection features a UV Lacquer finish, wide 6?? planks and is available in 4 colors. View the collection by clicking here.?

Lucci Mediterranean ? Exotic Luxury

Rare. Luxurious. Exotic. We could go on but you get the picture. Lucci Mediterranean features stunning European Oak herringbone and chevron hardwood in 6 captivating colors. If you are looking for your home to stand out with a different look but still hold elegance and class, this collection is perfect for you. Rounding out the collection is a UV Oil finish and bold 4?? planks. See the entire collection here.

Lucci Luxury Hardwood at Quantum Floors in South Florida


Lucci North Sea ? Bold and Budget Friendly

Cultivated with style and budget in mind, we designed this collection to give you the highest quality flooring at the best possible price. North Sea features stunning 7?? wide planks in European Oak with a UV Lacquer finish. Lucci North Sea challenges any of our collections for a place in your heart and home! See all 8 colors here.?

Lucci Pacific ? Wonderfully Wide

Our wonderfully crafted 10?? wide planks in this collection will give your household a high-quality look at an affordable cost. Themes of raw textures, flawless elements, and 5 bold colors offer a simple and understated foundation to add your own personal style to. Bring warmth and character to your home with Lucci Pacific. View the collection here.?

Lucci Shoreline ? Get Swept Away

Lucci Shoreline captures how we feel when we?re at the shore? relaxed, refreshed and recharged. Lucci Shoreline is a new, engineered hardwood floor available in 10 stunning colors. Each plank has a matte finish and the planks are 7?? wide. Rounding out the collection are subtle, rustic saw marks and light wire brushing. Lucci Shoreline works in rustic, industrial chic, traditional and modern decors. Click here?to view the collection.

Exclusively at Quantum Floors

Lucci Luxury Hardwood is exclusively available at Quantum Floors. You won?t find luxury hardwood like this at the big box stores. Stop into any of our South Florida showrooms?to see Lucci or any of the hundreds of other selections we offer. We?re here to serve!

Lucci Luxury Hardwood at Quantum Floors in South Florida