Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood Floors

You asked and we listened! We are finally breaking down our top five most frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring.

How Do I Prevent Scratching on My Hardwood Floors?

To prevent scratches, take care to minimize contact between your hardwood floor and abrasion materials- whether that be from debris, moving furniture, kids or pet?s claws.

To avoid scratches from furniture, we recommend using felt pads underneath furniture legs including chairs, sofas, and other items that are frequently shifted around.

For homes with pets, we recommend keeping your furry friend?s nails trimmed. Your floors will be happy and so will your pet!

To avoid other common sources of floor scratches, keep abrasive materials such as sand outside, gently sweep up debris or other particles that can scrape and scratch, vacuum without the beater bar on, and remove heels prior to walking across the floor. Strategically placed area rugs will help you reduce abrasion materials getting on your hardwood floor.

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How Can I Remove Scratches from My Hardwood Floors?

Although removing scratches is one of our top questions about hardwood flooring, there isn?t a simple answer we can offer that would work for everyone. Depending on the type of hardwood floor you have, how deep the scratches are, and how it was finished, this answer can vary greatly from one floor to another.

For minor scratches, you should be able to buy touch-up products at one of the big-box stores.

For larger damage, you may be able to fix it by sanding, repairing, or refinishing your floor with the help of a licensed flooring professional. Unfortunately, for extensive damage that cannot be resolved with the above mentioned methods, complete replacement of the damaged boards may be necessary. We recommend consulting with your flooring professional first.

Can I Install Hardwood Floors if I Have Pets?

Yes! In fact, hardwood is one of the most pet-friendly flooring options available on the market. It?s easy to clean (bye-bye fur and dander), incredibly durable, and easy to maintain.

However, it?s important to ensure that any liquids are wiped up immediately. This includes drool, spilled water bowls, or pet accidents. It?s also important to keep your furry friend?s nails trimmed. Your floors will be happy and so will your pup!

Are Hardwood Floors Really Eco-Friendly?

While many people know that hardwood flooring is a natural product, many don?t know how environmentally friendly it actually is.

Here are a few facts you might not have known about hardwood flooring sustainability:

?Hardwood?s production is a low-energy process with very little waste produced
?Hardwood is a renewable resource and Quantum Floors only sources from replenished forests that plant new trees to compensate for those harvested
?Hardwood has a lifespan of decades or even centuries with proper care which means less pollution and landfill waste
?Hardwood produces zero emissions and according to the EPA, improves overall air quality due to its hypoallergenic designation
?Engineered hardwood is even more eco-friendly than solid hardwood.

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