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Myth Busting Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been around for quite some time and many may still have opinions based on the product of the 1970s or 1980s. Today?s laminate floors look amazing, are highly durable, are budget-friendly and many are even waterproof. Let?s bust some myths about laminate floors.

Myth: Laminate Floors Look Cheap

Laminate flooring today in no way resembles what you might remember from your mom?s or grandmother?s house. Laminate flooring has come a long way from the days past and offers you a variety of styles, textures and designs to choose from. If this is still a concern of yours, then you could easily benefit from visiting one of our 4 showrooms to see the laminate options in person. We encourage you to take samples home to see how it will look with your d?cor. Todays? wood-look laminate floors look so real, we challenge you to tell the difference.

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Myth: Laminate Floors Are Not Durable

One of the main things you might have heard about laminate flooring is that it?s flimsy and it can be damaged easily. However, since each panel consists of at least four layers, the base, the substrate, the pattern and the wear layer, it?s actually extremely durable and can last for many years with proper care. In addition, laminate flooring is scratch and dent resistant, more so than other types of flooring.

Myth: Maintaining Laminate Floors is a Hassle

Many people think that laminate floors are difficult to clean or too time consuming. However, this couldn?t be further from the truth. Because laminate is tightly installed, it?s smooth, flawless and there are no seams to trap debris. So, all you have to do to keep your laminate floors looking great is dust mop, or vacuum them every once in a while. Any of these or even a damp cloth can easily help to remove dirt, debris and other loose particles.

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Myth: You Can?t Repair Laminate Floors

Another common misconception surrounding laminate floors is that there is no way to spot treat problem areas or spills, and it?s simply not true. This myth probably comes from the confusion between a laminate floor and a linoleum floor. Laminate wood-look floors come in planks, unlike linoleum which comes in sheets. Because the laminate flooring is sold in planks, each plank can be replaced individually if need be. However, replacement is only necessary in extreme cases!

In most cases, minor to moderate scratches can be repaired with a wax pencil, or a repair kit?similar to hardwood floors. Even in cases which do require a plank to be replaced, the laminate planks are not adhered to the subfloor, so replacing individual planks is a relatively simple process. It?s also not a bad idea to get a few extra boxes of the laminate planks in case a replacement needs to happen.

Outer Banks Laminate Flooring from Quantum Floors

Myth: Laminate Flooring is Expensive

Some people are under the mistaken impression that laminate flooring can be a costly choice of material. While this option can be high-quality and offer many benefits, laminate is a budget-friendly alternative to hardwood, carpet and tile materials. If you?re looking for a product that?s affordable and attractive, then laminate flooring may be the right option for you.

So, if you?ve been thinking about laminate floors for your home, you now have a clearer understanding of the product with these myths and misconceptions out of the way. Laminate flooring is beautiful, durable, easy to clean and fix, less expensive than solid hardwood floors, and is in every way just as good as a product as is hardwood or stone.

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