Looking to add a little more personality to your home? Try a feature wall. But, not your average feature wall. Toss the wallpaper and paint cans aside. We’re talking feature walls made out of flooring. Whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even a hallway, a flooring feature wall adds that extra element to make a bold statement in your home.

First, let’s figure out which wall to choose. The best wall to, well, feature is the first wall you see when entering the room. All eyes are drawn to that bit of depth and texture the wall conveys. Although not technically a feature wall, another popular option is to use flooring to create a headboard for your bed.

Floridians Are Making Feature Walls Out of Flooring

Try to use a wall with no interruptions such as windows or doors. Next, let’s look at the materials. Of course, hardwood is an extremely popular feature wall material. What you’ll also find is that it visually enhances the size of the room, continuing the flow from floor to wall.

 and luxury vinyl flooring are also great options, as they offer varying looks at more affordable prices.

South Floridians Are Making Feature Walls Out of Hardwood Flooring

Finally, let’s talk about style. Think of a style that’s fun and different. A style that really speaks to your personality. From warm wood tones to exotic woods, settle on something that feels right to you. Something timeless to keep you loving your space for years to come.

OK, well that’s a good start. But to really begin, visit your local Quantum Floors showroom today. No matter your space or your vision, we can help you design a feature wall that truly makes it yours.