The Risks of Buying Flooring Online, Part II

The Risks of Buying Flooring Online, Part II

(Note: This is part 2 of a 3-part post. Be sure to come back next week for part 3)

In part 1 of this blog post, topics covered were Local Commitment, Accountability and Product Quality.

Online Seller Tricks
With low price their primary focus, online retailers will often choose to sell cheap material substitutes that, while not visible in their online pictures, can be seen once the product arrives, or will lead to issues once material is installed. Let?s look at a few?

? Low quality base layers. Inferior substrates don?t always show their true colors until after installation, and can result in the need for expensive, disruptive tear-outs.

? Low quality adhesive between layers. Invisible to the eye, adhesive failures between product layers can lead to delamination.

? Inadequate protective coatings. A good protective coat should give you years, not months of a great looking floor.

? Inferior Wood. Wood is naturally variable, with many different levels of quality within a single species. Reputable brands go to great lengths to build from only high-quality raw material. Low quality timber, mixing raw wood from different sources, and rushed or improper drying techniques is reflected in the final floor having unwanted variability and/or structural instability.

Computer monitors and browsers distort the color and texture of what you see online. No matter the quality of the picture, the actual color of the flooring will never be the same as you saw online. In addition, the lighting in your home will have a dramatic effect on the color of the floor.

It?s common for flooring manufacturers and retailers to use a disclaimer like this:

Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear different on different monitors. Since it is not possible to guarantee our online colors will look the same on all computers, we do not guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the color of the actual flooring.

Do you really want to buy something that will be the defining feature of your home for decades based on an internet picture?

At Quantum Floors, the LARGE samples we display in our showrooms are the samples we allow you to take home. They are large enough to get a real feel for the product, its color variations, marks and knots, before you buy. Once you select your flooring, we send a flooring expert to your home to measure and check all the variables for installation to make sure your selection is a good fit for your home. We do not charge a fee for measurement. We?re here to make the process pain free.

Beyond the color of your wood or wood-look flooring, the final look and feel of it is also heavily weighted in another factor...the texture.

With so many different types of wood and wood-look flooring, it?s important to understand what makes each type unique - such as the flooring?s texture. Texture is not only how the floor looks, but also how it physically feels. Manufacturers achieve different flooring textures by using processes like sanding, brushing, distressing, sawing and scraping to create characteristics in the flooring?s surface.

These wood textures can add an even more authentic hardwood look for laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, and?dare we say?can even add to the ?feel? of wood under your feet.

When you visit one of the Quantum Floors showrooms you will have the opportunity to see hundreds of flooring options. We will give you the opportunity to talk with a "Professional Flooring Designer" who will talk to you to figure out what type of texture you may want, and show you samples of all of the possible textures the flooring has. You will also get to see the flooring in various lighting conditions that can't be duplicated online, and you get to ?feel? the floor, even without your shoes on or take home a few samples so you can try the floors before you buy. We make every effort to make sure you know exactly what you?re buying and that it meets your lifestyle needs.

(Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog post next Monday. Part 3 will cover Installation, Product Warranty and Shipping & Delivery)