Wood is in! The most sought-after interior designers are not only choosing the wood look but choosing wood itself. 5 years ago wood-looking tile made a huge splash but why get the fake stuff when having real hardwood flooring is the most valuable investment one can have in a home. Wide-plank hardwood flooring is huge right now and its just getting bigger. When buying a home, the most attractive and alluring phrase in that small realtor listing is, “Hardwood Flooring”. Wide-plank hardwood flooring instills luxury and wears many hats. It can either be contemporary or traditional and comes in a huge selection of colors and looks. According to Andrew Cohen, the business development manager for Quantum Floors, hardwood flooring has spiked enormously in the south Florida area. Mr. Cohen has seen a large upswing in people changing from tile to hardwood flooring. “We are in a time where designers are using wide-planked hardwood flooring to grasp multiple looks and because this trend has spiked in the way it has recently, consumers buying homes want it. We have people coming in to have us install a new hardwood floor so they can sell their home quick and for more money. I always recommend to purchase your new wood flooring as soon as you move in so you can enjoy your floor while you’re there and at the same time it acts as an investment. Wide-planked hardwood flooring increases the illusion of space. The larger the widths of the boards, the larger the area appears.” Andrew Cohen.

Mr. Cohen goes on to discuss how critical it is to have an experienced wood flooring installer work on your home. In Florida, due to the temperature and humidity its important to use an engineered wood floor rather than a solid wood floor. The ideal method of installing an engineered wood floor is to glue it down using a moisture resistant adhesive. Numerous installation companies out there no longer install glue-down wood flooring because they just lack the experience. Quantum Floors has a group of installers that have worked together and have installed glue-down wood flooring daily for almost 20 years. An expert level of craftsmanship is vital when installing a glue-down wood floor and Quantum Floors has it. I have spoken to many of their customers and they can’t say enough about them. If you have an opportunity, visit one of their 3 showrooms in Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach, or Fort Lauderdale. You won’t be disappointed. Their showrooms radiate with allure and the simple, yet effective display method allows you to imagine what your floor will look like.