The Alexandra, a new rental building in West Palm Beach, is renting at record speed, and it’s the Millennials who are coming in: by Alexandra Clough.

Millennials, that much-studied generation, are known for giving their purchases a lot of thought to be sure it has value. That’s the appeal of Alexandra, that new rental building; it’s full of amenities, such as a video entry system, that also appeals to two of their other traits: being tech-savvy and multi-tasking.

And that is exactly why hardwood flooring, whether solid or engineered, is the best choice for Millennials. In West Palm Beach, buy it at Quantum Floors.

Hardwood flooring is:

1. Stylish. It adds a rich elegance to any home. It comes in three basic colors: dark, light and medium, but there are also amazing color undertones, so you can create contrast, highlight and coordinate with other woods, accessories, art and, even view, to create dramatic effects.
2. Versatile. Hardwood flooring works in any atmosphere. Dark floors, such as mahogany, work well in traditional spaces, while light wood floors are youthful, airy and give a sense of expansion. Medium tones are the best of both worlds, and the knots and raised grains can add a sense of whimsy.
3. Value-savvy. Hardwood floors, when maintained properly, last for decades. When they look worn, scratched or scuffed, often all that is needed is a refinishing. All hardwood whether, solid or engineered, will increase the home’s market resale value; studies by the resale estate industry, show that people are willing to pay more for homes with hardwood flooring.
4. Durable. Hardwood flooring will last for decades, but some species are harder than others; engineered hardwood is the toughest and, unlike solid hardwood, is moisture-resistant. It’s real wood, but the construction is different so that makes it more stable. Ask your flooring retailer for more information.
5. Easy to clean. Sweep, dry-mop or vacuum. Avoid excess moisture (i.e., puddles) since that can warp the wood.

When everything is considered, hardwood flooring has a lot of value, and one can say it certainly multi tasks. See the hardwood experts at Quantum Floors in West Palm Beach, so we can show you what it can do! We also have showrooms in Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, FL.