Your Hardwood Flooring Choices in West Palm Beach, FL

Your Hardwood Flooring Choices in West Palm Beach, FL

Hardwood flooring is a popular West Palm Beach, FL material for covering your floors. The benefits of hardwood simply can?t be ignored, and for many good reasons. For instance, when you choose wood floors, you?re not only choosing a flooring with an exceptional life span, you?re making an investment in your future.

The Lifespan of Hardwood

Wood floors are much more durable than a lot of people think they are. While they do require a certain amount of protection and maintenance, with that proper care comes a lengthy life span. Adding a thick protective top coat, and making use of area rugs can be one way to make sure that everyday wear and tear doesn?t take a toll on your floors too soon.

For your West Palm Beach, FL hardwood flooring, you might also choose to have a hand scraped, vintage, or distressed finish added. This will also help to keep scratches, scuffs and dings from showing up too readily.

However, when the time finally comes that your wood flooring is showing too much damage, you can always have them refinished. Solid hardwood can be refinished several times over the course of its lifespan. Engineered hardwood can be refinished as well, but only a couple of times, depending upon the overall thickness of the solid wood veneer.

Benefits of Engineered Wood

When you choose engineered flooring, you?re still making an excellent choice in floor materials. It has a few extra benefits that you might be interested in, one of which is the areas in which it can be installed. You cannot put solid wood in areas such as the basement, but engineered floors can go in that room with no problems. Since it doesn?t respond to humidity and temperature changes in the same way that solid wood does, you don?t have to worry about the floor expanding or contracting.

Another big bonus with engineered floors is the fact that they are much easier and faster to install and solid wood. Instead of a number of days, this is a material that can installed in one day. You can also walk on this floor immediately after installation as well.