Are Mortgage Rates Stalled in Palm Beach Gardens?

?Mortgage rates are important to many people. These include homeowners who want to sell, people who want to buy a home, and investors. Depending upon which category you are in will determine if you are pleased, or not pleased, with the recent news that mortgage rates are staying unchanged, at least for the time being.
?Interest rates on mortgages were mostly unchanged this week as markets anticipate the Federal Reserve's upcoming policy-setting meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. Rates have been "eerily consistent" lately, says Jim Sahnger, mortgage planner at Schaffer Mortgage in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. "If you look at it strictly from a trading perspective, we've been trapped in a reasonably tight range and we've been doing this pretty much for the last couple weeks," he says.?

Source: <a href="">Mortgage Rates Barely Budge In Advance Of Fed Meeting</a> by ?Crissinda Ponder.
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