Bamboo flooring is a beautiful and versatile material. And there are a few things to think about before choosing bamboo for your home.

Bamboo Flooring: Sustainable, Eco-friendly Resource

Scientifically speaking, bamboo is a grass. The plant matures in about seven years which makes it a completely renewable resource. Compare that to about 100 years for an oak tree to mature. After cutting, the next crop of bamboo will start growing from the roots already in the ground. It will be ready in another seven years. The bamboo used in flooring plantations is not the same kind that pandas eat in the wild so you can rest easy knowing that no pandas went hungry so that you could have a beautiful kitchen floor.

Bamboo Flooring Pros

  •   Care of bamboo floors is similar to that of hard wood floors.
  •     It resists moisture even in humid climates like South Florida.
  •     It is more resistant to water damage than average hardwood floors.
  •     Engineered bamboo flooring is as hard, or harder, than some types of oak flooring.

Bamboo Flooring Cons

  •    Bamboo flooring manufacturing requires lots of toxic chemicals and adhesives.
  •     It may not fit in with all decorating schemes because it tends toward more modern designs.
  •     Bamboo is a product that you have to be very careful about what you buy because going cheap could mean tremendous hassle and expense down the road.
  •     It is not the best choice for a DIY project because of extremes in quality.

Buyer Beware

Poor quality bamboo is easily dented and scratched and susceptible to damage from water and humidity (a serious consideration in South Florida). Inferior bamboo flooring is impossible to refinish because of the high amounts of formaldehyde in it.  Ordering bamboo flooring yourself directly from China could be a costly mistake.

The only way to fix such a mistake would be to rip it out and start over. Cheap bamboo has been harvested too early for it to be a durable flooring material. It is best to buy engineered bamboo flooring from a reputable, knowledgeable flooring company.

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