Palm Beach Gardens hardwood floors

Caring for Your New Hardwood Floors

Getting new hardwood flooring in your West Palm Beach, FL home is a truly exciting time! You?re sure to love the elegant look it gives, as well as the durability that is superior to that of so many other flooring materials.

However, many of our customers have had questions about the proper care and maintenance of their floors. And rightly so. Hardwood flooring needs specific care and maintenance to look its best and for a long life span.

We?d like to give some pointers to those who might wonder how to properly care of the hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, Fl.

Steps to a Clean, Well Maintained Hardwood Floor

You can start by establishing a regular cleaning routine. It?s super easy and only requires a few tools that are easy to get and low-cost as well. All you?ll need to do is sweep or vacuum, and then follow up, if necessary, with a floor cleaner approved for your specific floor.

If in doubt about what type of floor cleaner to use for the hardwood flooring in your West Palm Beach, FL home, simply contact Quantum Floors at your convenience. With showrooms located in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Fort Lauderdale, FL, you should be able to find a store near you. We?ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

Don?t Forget to Protect Those Floors

You?ve probably heard the old saying, ?An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,? and that?s never truer than with hardwood floors! Yes, your West Palm Beach, FL hardwood flooring can be refinished several times. However, the process is lengthy, and can be avoided if the right care is taken.

If you?re a pet owner, you can start by making sure your pet?s nails are trimmed. Pet nails can cause scratches that, over time, can really be easily seen. Furthermore, if they have a water dish sitting on the hardwood floor, you?ll want to place a mat underneath, in case spills happen.

You can also use area rugs, runners and floor protectors to keep dirt and debris off your West Palm Beach, FL hardwood flooring. This will prevent much of the wear and tear that would otherwise happen, so that you can enjoy your hardwood floors for years to come.