For a durable, eco-friendly and very attractive flooring choice for the home, engineered Bamboo flooring may be the right material for you. Easy to keep clean, ideal for allergy-sufferers and surprisingly moderate in price, Bamboo flooring is increasing in popularity in geographic areas, such as Florida, where high humidity and its resulting expansion, contraction and warping, can be a concern when installing hardwood floors. 

Bamboo is not a hardwood

While comparably beautiful and tough as oak or maple, bamboo does not come from hardwood trees but is a fast-growing grass product. Ready to harvest in a few short growing seasons and measuring up to 10 feet tall and more than 2 feet in diameter, these grasses produce a naturally light-colored product which are manufactured into tongue and groove planks that may be glued, stapled (nailed) or floated over existing tile, concrete or other sub-floor materials.

How Bamboo is Made into Flooring

Manufacturers lay strips of bamboo on their sides for what is termed "vertical" cut bamboo. These strips are then laminated together with the edge grains of the bamboo showing. A separate process yields "horizontal" cut bamboo. This process layers wider strips together and shows the familiar "knuckles" or growth rings in the finished product. Other processes can add additional hardness or deepen color according to consumer use and aesthetic preference.

Talk to the Bamboo Flooring Experts

Homeowners and commercial property owners can rely on Quantum Floors for expert consultation on which Bamboo flooring is best for their space. Serving Palm Beach and the Broward County area for more than 12 years, Quantum Floors is family-operated, licensed and insured. "We have extensive experience in all sorts of floor installations and our customer care culture is to educate, advice and assist our customers through out the entire project! Customers can count on us to assist in choosing materials and then installing them for an outstanding look and durability" says Fernando Costa, owner of Quantum Floors.

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