Engineered Luxury

Have you been considering hardwood flooring for your Royal Palm Beach home, but you aren?t quite sure what kind is best for your home? Consider engineered hardwood. Homeowners all over Florida are raving about how much they love their luxurious engineered hardwood flooring that they found at Quantum Floors located in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. With beautiful engineered hardwood flooring you too, can experience the luxury of a home with a cool and inviting aesthetic courtesy of your new wood floors
There main reason why homeowners in Royal Palm Beach are choosing hardwood flooring is because they have discovered the wonderful world of engineered wood floors. What makes engineered hardwood so great is that instead of being one solid peace of lumber, engineered hardwood is constructed from multiple ply layers of wood topped with a solid wood layer. This is what allows engineered hardwood to be one of the most durable flooring surfaces constructed today. The unique way these wood floors are designed makes gaps, buckling or reactions to temperature change a lot less likely.

The hardwood veneer that is glued to the surface of engineered hardwood is available in almost every kind of hardwood species. This way your Royal Palm Beach home can have great quality hardwood flooring that is engineered to stand up to the wear and tear of your busy home. Having to refinish hardwood floors is an important part of maintaining wood floors. However, with engineered hardwood flooring, it is a less frequent obligation and only has to be done once or twice throughout the lifespan of your floors.
It is not too late to get your engineered hardwood flooring for your Royal Palm Beach home. If anybody knows about what an amazing product engineered hardwood is, it?s the experts at Quantum Floors. Head to one of our showrooms today to browse through their endless selections of high quality engineered wood flooring.