Engineered Wood Is the Perfect Choice for Homeowners in Boynton Beach

?Preferred by green builders and conservationist, engineered wood is sustainable, renewable composite of multiple layers. There?s one thin sheet of the desired hardwood, which makes up the core. Then layers of plywood and veneers are stacked and glued, creating a grainy pattern.
??? ?Versatility. ?Because engineered wood is designed to reduce moisture problems associated with solid wood, it can be installed in most any room in the house, including basements, where moisture is common, especially in Boynton Beach, Florida.
??? ?Stability. Engineered wood isn?t affected by moisture or heat so it won?t warp, cup, swell or split apart.?
??? ?Cost. Engineered wood is less expensive than solid wood, because it only requires one thin slice of the desired wood?and that can be your choice! ?The price of upkeep is also less than solid.
Unlike solid wood that comes directly from the tree to your house, engineered wood doesn?t expand or shrink with heat or humidity. That?s a boon for homeowners living in the sub-tropical climate of Boynton Beach, Florida.?

Engineered wood is sold by Quantum Floors, a company known as a specialist in hardwood flooring installation that eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions. It serves the Boynton Beach, Florida area.

Residents of Boynton Beach, Florida are no strangers to hurricanes and high winds. Engineered wood has a larger load-bearing capacity, so its beams don?t shatter and fly apart. ?That makes your house ?two to three times more able to withstand high winds,? says APA ? The Engineered Wood Association.

Source: Care 2, ?What is Engineered Wood?? ?
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