European Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

For may different reasons homeowners are choosing to use a European oak engineered wood flooring as an alternative to the traditional hardwood floors. ?European oak engineered wood uses less of the actual hardwood making it cost effective and eco friendly. ?It is also durable, and easy to install. ?An engineered hardwood can be installed over concrete with a simple glued down floor installation and is able to withstand the most heavy and abusive foot traffic making it a cheaper product in the long run.

Types of European Oak

European Oak is extremely popular among homewoners and interior designers due to its uniqueness and blend. Here are some of your choices:

  • ? ? American White Oak: it has 3 traditional cuts and the most popular would be the traditional cathedral grain pattern referred to as "flat cut"
  • ? ? Rift Cut: this type of oak shows a more straight grain pattern
  • ? ? Quarter Sawn: stands out for its "flake" appearance in the grain

Engineered Wood for Your Home

One of the most important choices you can make for home is flooring. ?Flooring is one the first things a guest sees as they step into your home and sets the tone for a room. ?Flooring is also where we play with our children as well walk barefoot when first waking up in the morning. ?It is important that the flooring your home is warm and bright, as well as easy to clean. ?For many the choice of material is hardwood. Hardwood comes in many colors to fit all sorts of rooms. ?It is also easy to clean and maintain. ?But it is not without its draw backs. ?Many are concerned with the environmental foot print caused by using traditional hardwoods as well as costly installation and replacement fees should it be damaged.

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