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Florida Sees New Type of Scam Aimed at Property Owners

It seems as if it never stops: Scammers targeting property owners in Florida. Just when you think law enforcement has run them off, another trick shows up. Such is the case with a new type of scam that Florida property owners need to know about. Because the mastermind behind this bogus act has disappeared, it is important that all property owners know about this guy and his scam.

?A con man is exploiting a loophole in public records access to target South Florida real estate lenders and landowners. Based on little more than his charm, a fake driver's license and forged corporate documents altered on a government-run website for $50, he posed as a Boca Raton doctor and walked away with $550,000 from hard-money lenders in Fort Lauderdale.?

Source: www.dailybusinessreview.com

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