Great Floors in the Palm of Your Hand

Flooring in the home lays a foundation for the rest of our design aspirations. Without the proper flooring, the feel of the room can be lost in the noise of the contrast between flooring and the rest of the design elements. Classic styling never goes away, which is why hardwood flooring for your West Palm Beach, FL home is usually the best choice.
Hardwood flooring brings the warmth of the forest into your home like no other material can. The smooth flow of the wood grain in the planks is second to none when it comes to a feeling of relaxation and sheer natural beauty. With all of the types of hardwood flooring available for your West Palm Beach, FL home, there is no end to the possibilities for matching a room design.

Hardwood flooring brings durability that can only be found in the patient execution that Mother Nature puts in to creating the trees from which the wood is harvested. Hardwood flooring for your West Palm Beach, FL home is made by cutting a plank from a single piece of wood. Since the plank is between ? and ? of an inch thick, it allows for a longer lifespan despite foot traffic and everyday wear and tear. It is then finished with an aluminum oxide coating that helps to repel water and maintain the aesthetic charm of the wood.?

Hardwood flooring for your West Palm Beach, FL home doesn?t have to be replaced every time it gets scuffed or scratched. The wood planks are thick enough that you can have a wood floor refinishing service sand down the flooring and replace the old worn out finish with a new fresh finish several times over the flooring?s lifespan. The new finish can be the original look, or perhaps a new look that you have chosen.
At Quantum Floors we have the staff of courteous professionals to help you choose the hardwood flooring that will be right for your West Palm Beach, FL home. So come see us at either our Boynton Beach or Palm Beach Gardens showroom.