Greg Norman's Lucky Number May Net Millions in Home Sales

If you are a golfer, you know Greg Norman, one of the best in all of golfing history. But, you may not know that he has a lucky number, 55 that he is pinning to the selling price of two homes, one of which is in Jupiter Island, FL. Norman is asking $55 million for each of these homes, and he just might get it.

Here is a part of this story:
?Greg Norman, the retired professional golfer known as the Great White Shark, has two properties on the market?a Colorado ranch and his Jupiter Island, FL, home?for $55 million each. Why 55? Because double 5 is his ?lucky number,? the former No. 1-ranked golfer told the Wall Street Journal.?

Source: <a href="">Golf Legend Greg Norman Attempting to Sell 2 Properties for $55M Each</a> by Lisa Kaplan Gordon.
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