Hardwood Floor Refinishing in South Florida

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in South Florida

As it ages, hardwood flooring can get scratched and dull. Unlike other types of flooring, hardwood flooring can make a comeback. All you have to do is refinish it.

Hardwood refinishing
involves removing the existing finish of your wood floor and putting on a new coating. This restores the wood back to a like-new condition. A hardwood floor is durable and beautiful. But, over the years, continual use wears down the finish with drops, spills, and grit tracked in on shoes. And worst of all, scrabbling claws of family pets.

However, the damage caused does not have to be permanent. Hardwood floors can be refinished. This is done by carefully sanding a paper-thin layer off the top, re-staining the floor and then sealing it with three coats of clear polyurethane or similar finish.

Hardwood refinishing returns the floor back to a like-new state. It will also allow for a more contemporary color or finish that better suits your home?s d?cor and lifestyle.

A word of caution for DIYers: You?ll save money by doing your own wood floor refinishing, but mistakes show up big time. The chief challenge is handling a drum sander ? a heavy piece of equipment you get from a tool rental store. Properly handled, it?s a marvel. But linger too long in one spot and you?ll carve a divot that?ll stare back at you for years.

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