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Hardwood Flooring in West Palm Beach: Myths, Suggestions and Tips, Oh My!

Earthiness, freshness, light, crunchy, and juicy are just a few descriptions of the food at a new restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL. Read article here: www.palmbeachpost.com by Julio Poletti.

Ever notice how the very same words that describe food are same ones that describe the home? That?s because they both feed us; the only difference is that one is on the plate, while the other is off.

The design of your nest always starts with the flooring. If you?re thinking about hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, there?s only one place to go: Quantum Floors.

With different colors, shades, undertones, and patterns, a hardwood floor transforms a room and makes it look either airy and crunchy; quirky and earthy; or juicy and full of flavor.

So, before you decide on your hardwood floor, ask yourself about:

? Overall design? Style?
? Kids or pets? Maintenance?
? Room size?
? Complete or partial remodel?

TIP: The flooring dictates the overall design of a room, so if you?re planning a full remodel, install the floor first; if partial, make sure the hardwood floors coordinates with the furnishings, paint, and accessories.

SUGGESTION: Light hardwood shows less dust than a darker wood, so that?s a great choice if you don?t want to clean often. Light hardwood also works best if you have kids and pets, because they don?t show scratches and dents. If you absolutely MUST have a dark floor, talk to one of our design consultants, because there are different shades of dark---they aren?t all ebony-- and various finishes, such as satin, that minimize the look of dust and scratches.

MYTH: A dark hardwood floor makes a room look small to an extent, but remember it?s the overall design and colors that ultimately make a room look larger or smaller.

The experts at Quantum Floors will show you how to select the best hardwood flooring. Quantum Floors also has showrooms in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Ft. Lauderdale.