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Hardwood Flooring is Perfect for West Palm Beach Homes, Whether They?re Hip and Trendy or Traditional

There is just no doubt about it. We?re all lucky to live in West Palm Beach. For one thing, we?re surrounded by gorgeous water, and we have numerous restaurants where we can ?dock and dine.? To read the article: by Laura Lordi and Barbara Marshall

West Palm Beach is also somewhat eclectic, with a style for just about anyone. You have the hip and trendy population on one side, with the mansions and old-time glamour on the other side of the Intracoastal Waterway.

That brings us to the subject of hardwood flooring, because it is so versatile that it fits into any environment. The best place to get hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach is at Quantum Floors.

If you?re lucky enough to live on the water, you may want to go with a cottage feeling, or just something with a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Medium tone woods create that cottage feel, and it?s almost a little quirky, what with all of the knots and raised grains. Light woods will give your home an airy, youthful feeling; it can also make the room look as though it?s larger than it is. With both, you might want to go for some contrasting colors, such as an eggplant color on your walls, or some deep red or brown upholstery if you have a lighter floor. That combination of light and dark will make your room ?pop.?

You can never go wrong with a dark wood, like a mahogany. People mistakenly think they?re only meant for traditional settings, but they work well in contemporary atmospheres as well. Dark hardwood flooring adds a level of contrast, and it has some amazing undertones, such as orange, red, and brown. Perhaps you have a window overlooking the water? Pair that with a dark wood floor and it will be breathtaking! If, say, your kitchen has a dark hardwood floor, paint the cabinets a light shade for dramatic contrast.

At Quantum Floors, we?re experts in hardwood flooring, whether it?s engineered or solid. Both are real wood, but the construction is different, so the product behaves differently. Engineered hardwood flooring is more stable, moisture-resistant and, unlike solid hardwood flooring, doesn?t have the same amount of limitations as to where it can be installed. That may make it a preferred option for your Florida home.

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