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Hardwood Flooring: Light, Dark or Medium?

What?s your pleasure, vanilla/ chocolate, or just light/dark? Here are some simple holiday cookie recipes from the book, Baker Royale: 75 Twists on All Your Favorite Sweets, by food blogger Naomi Robinson: by Liz Balmaseda.

Robinson adjusted these cookie favorites so they don?t require extra steps or ingredients. After all, says the Palm Beach Post, ?Who needs such stress amid a Christmas sugar crave??

The question of vanilla/chocolate or light/dark brings us to an interesting trend we?ve been seeing in hardwood flooring. First, Quantum Floors reported on its blog that more were gravitating toward lighter hardwood flooring, but then we saw people going against this trend, by going for black hardwood flooring.

When it comes down to it, your hardwood flooring color choice will depend upon your home?s style, furnishings, accessories, artwork and even scenic views, and whether you have pets. Be sure also to factor in durability and cleanability.

A basic review:

1. Light hardwood flooring: These are woods, such as oak and maple. They?re very strong and add a bright, airy and sunlight feeling to a room, so it can give a feeling of expansion to a small room or one with low ceilings. Light floors can give your room almost a youthful, casual look, but make no mistake: You can coordinate them with other colors and woods to get any look you want, including traditional.

Because they?re so light, it?s difficult to see dirt and scratches, so that can make it a good choice if you have kids or pets.

2. Dark floors. People tend to equate dark hardwood flooring with traditional and elegant. It?s always elegant, but you can actually get a more modern look with dark floors. You can get it either from the species itself, but you can also have your choice stained to make it even darker. Dark woods have glorious undertones, red, orange, cherry, brown or more, and they add a layer of contrast.

Dark hardwood flooring doesn?t absorb much light, so that results in less fading, and that results in fewer needs for refinishing. They also show the wood grain more and that can be a pretty dramatic effect.

A dark floor, however, will show dirt more easily, so be sure you can handle it if you have kids and pets. It will also show scratches more readily, so ask your flooring expert about a scratch-proof finish.

3. Medium: This is the perfect blend of light and dark. Medium hardwood flooring often has knots and raised grains which can add charm a touch of quirkiness.

Quantum Floors is the hardwood flooring expert in West Palm Beach, and the company also has showrooms in Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. The company carries an inventory of hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl.