Hardwood Flooring or Ceramic Tile

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home or office skip on the ceramic tile and install beautiful hardwood flooring instead. Hardwood flooring makes a home or office cozier, open and earthy feeling, which is essential for making an atmosphere pleasant and inviting. It also adds in a sense of warmth that ceramic tiles cannot provide. If you need more reasons why hardwood flooring is the way to go in a home or office instead of ceramic title you can view the list of pros and cons below for more insight.

The Cons of Ceramic Tile Flooring

The reasons why ceramic tile flooring is not worth installing in a home or office are endless. Some of those reasons are:

  • ? ? Tile stays cold throughout all seasons, which is not helpful during the winter months in colder climate areas.
  • ? ? Ceramic tile can become cracked or chipped, which leads to a whole redo or partial redo of your floor, which could be costly.
  • ? ? Ceramic tile takes days to install and is not a good flooring choice to use for renovation projects that need to be completed by a deadline.
  • ? ? The tiles can become stained so badly it is hard to get them clean.
  • ? ? Ceramic tile flooring needs to be grouted almost every year to maintain their beautiful appearance.
  • ? ? Tile can become slippery and sticky during humid months making it unsafe to walk upon.
  • ? ? Ceramic tile is hard to keep clean.

Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Using hardwood flooring in a home or office provides endless benefits such as:

  • ? ? Adds warmth and openness to a home or office.
  • ? ? Solid hardwood flooring can be designed with stains, paints or hand carvings to create uniqueness in the area you are placing it in.
  • ? ? Wood flooring stays warmer than ceramic tile in cooler months.
  • ? ? Wood flooring is easier to clean and stays cleaner looking even when it does become dirty.
  • ? ? Hardwood flooring can be fixed with ease if it becomes damaged with a ding or dint.
  • ? ? Solid hardwood floors adjust with the humidity in the air and do not become slippery and wet with condensation when humidity levels change drastically.
  • ? ? Solid wood floors can be installed quickly.

Choosing the Right Flooring

When it comes to redoing the flooring in your home or office hardwood floors are the way too go for their beauty and flexibility. With ceramic tile, flexibility isn?t possible.Quantum Floors, located in Boynton Beach, South Florida, offers complete service to its customers. Quantum Floors advices and educates its customers on the best options on hardwood flooring according to their needs, includng flooring installation. Visit Quantum Floors state of art showroom or call (561) 509-7173 for more information about hardwood flooring.