Hardwood Flooring Trends

If you are or have been in the market for new flooring lately, you probably encountered a lot of choices. One of those choices is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is a class floor covering and gives off a certain vibe that no other floor covering does. But like most things in life, trends change. Flooring and hardwood is no different.

There are always new breakthroughs and improvements being made in the flooring industry. For Palm Beach Engineered?Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic, but it isn't being left in the dust.

Take a look at some of the newest styles in hardwood flooring:

Dark colored hardwood: Darker hardwood is in right now -- cherry and walnut; and lighter colored woods are out - oak and maple. You may think darker hardwood and flooring equates to a gloomy feel to a room but you are wrong.

Distressed Hardwood: Have you noticed some friends or colleagues new floors lately? Do they have a unique look to them? Chances are they have distressed hardwood floors. This trend has become very stylish lately and is more popular than some classic looking hardwood styles. Ask about some of our distressed hardwood floors -- we carry a few manufacturers that specialize in this - Ark Floors, Nuvelle, Mohawk and QuickStep.

Double Planks: Some hardwood flooring is as wide as 7 inches across. Larger planks are more popular these days, taking the place of thinner planks. Larger planks can make the room seem larger that it actually is -- this is great for homes or apartments that aren't very big. Appearance is everything these days too. Plus a lot of apartments and condos are being scaled back in size. There are some nice design features with larger planks. If you they are installed diagonally, it can make for a beautiful pattern in your home.

Exotic Hardwood Floors: We have you covered here too. Teak, tigerwood or tali could look great in your home. This will give you the 'Oh my God' factor when someone walks into your house. It's time to spice up your flooring. Choose some exoctic hardwood and you won't be disappointed.

Go green: Being conscious of your environment is no longer brushed aside. Many flooring manufacturers offer green flooring. Some may think this is a passing fad, but this is something that is here to stay. Being environmentally friendly is also good for your home. One of our popular green hardwood flooring options is African Teak Natural. Some other green flooring options are cork, bamboo and reclaimed timber.

Hardwood flooring is stylish and classic. It's not going anywhere and continues to grow in popularity. To have your questions answered, give us a call or send us an email. We are ready to install hardwood flooring in your home in Boynton Beach and the surrounding areas.