How to Choose and Buy Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Your home can benefit tremendously from the installation of hardwood flooring. When you install this type of floor, you add character and make a great investment into the comfort and aesthetics of your home. But the right hardwood makes all the difference.?

Strength in Varying Degrees of Hardwood

Hardwoods are among the most durable types of flooring, with only marble and concrete beating them out. Nevertheless, you want to choose your hardwood flooring carefully based on how much wear you expect it to take over the years. The hardest species of hardwood are cherry, maple and oak. But at the same time, you don't necessarily need to go for just strength. Maybe you want something a little softer like mahogany or Brazilian cherry, which are just gorgeous.

At the less durable end are options like pine. While pine isn't super strong, it can still last a fairly long amount of time and can wear gorgeously. When you install a hardwood floor, you aren't just installing it for today. Done properly, that floor could last hundreds of years with little more than basic cleaning and occasional refinishing.

Hardwood Rustic or Formal

The size of your planks can say a lot, as can their shape. If you want to go with something fancy like squares or more intricate designs, you can fit out a beautiful formal space. If you prefer something with a lot of old world charm but aren't too fancy about it, you may want to go with a 2 to 3 inch width of strips. Strips are what were used in more formal areas in the past, and the tradition still holds today. If you want to go wider than that, you can add a rustic touch with planks that can run 6 inches wide or more.

Quality Matters

The quality of materials you select is a powerful component of your hardwood flooring. At the same time, you also want to be choosy about the finish you pick and the installation. Self installation may work for some people, but in many cases the hassle and small quality issues that can crop up can turn a beautiful piece of your home into an annoyance that never goes away. A solid investment into your hardwood flooring can save you from a lot of grief down the road through having the job done quickly and done well. Skimping on quality means you'll regret it later.

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