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How to Choose the Perfect Wall Color for Light-Colored Hardwood Flooring

Depending upon the species of wood, light-colored hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, FL is available in an immense variety of colors. Walls and floors are both surfaces that take up the most space in any room, so the key is to choose a shade of wall paint that will equally compliment such large "canvases." It all starts by classifying hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, FL as either cool or warm, which will then point to the ideal wall color.

Whites: Most homeowners opt for white when they have no idea which color to paint their walls. The truth is, pure white walls blend into light-colored wood floors, making this a stark combination, unless the interior is a contemporary design. However, even some white paint colors have pigmented shades, making their undertones either warm or cool. For instance, select a cool under toned white if you have a hardwood with a cool tone. Avoid pairing "cool" flooring with "warm" walls, as this will create a dulling effect on your walls.

Neutrals: Aside from neutral light tints like beige, there are also darker neutral tones, perfect for decorating purposes. On the darker spectrum, neutrals refer to all shades of gray, black-brown, varying shades of brown, and black. Depending upon the pigments in the colors, gray and brown come in either a cool or warm version. For darker neutral wall tones, select a hue that has the same undertone as your hardwood. Those who wish to paint their walls in the same color scheme as their hardwood, must choose a different shade of that color to avoid making the room seem like it's been painted one single tone.

Warm Colors: A wood flooring with warm undertones will match any warm color wall paint. However, should you want to pair a cool undertone flooring with a warm wall color, then keep it as dark as possible, like a medium or dark brown hue, as they will compliment each other nicely.

Cool Colors: Cool under toned hardwood flooring pairs seamlessly with cool shades of wall paint. With the warm undertone of light-colored wood flooring, it's best to select cool colors classified as medium-to-dark.

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