Laminate flooring is sought after as an economic and beautiful alternative to hardwoods. Known for a high level of stain resistance, laminate comes in many varieties that mimic stone or wood. With so many opportunities available, it can be difficult to choose. Use these handy tips to help you decide on the right kind of flooring for your needs. 

About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring consists of engineered wood flooring of many layers. Typical layering includes a wear layer for durability, a print layer for look, and a core and back layer for structure and support. Considered 10 times stronger than a kitchen countertop, laminate is popular for active households and those with children or pets. Laminate installs by laying an underlayment, and then setting out wood or stone style tiles with spacers and adhesive. Choose from different installation methods with:

  •     Glueless Click
  •     Glued Laminate
  •     Pre-Glued  

Laminate Flooring AC Rating

The AC Rating is a scale of durability from 1 to 5, representing how much wear a flooring type can handle. The following scales are recommended:

  •     AC1 - Home use with little traffic such as bedrooms or formal dining areas.
  •     AC2 - Home areas with medium traffic.
  •     AC3 - Home use with high foot traffic, such as hallways or kitchens.
  •     AC4 - High traffic home use or light commercial.
  •     AC5 - Maximum durability such as a commercial department store, but can effect appearance.

Choosing the correct AC rating will help ensure the lasting life of your laminate installation.

Laminate Flooring Surface Type

  Different surface types are largely a cosmetic choice, and can be made to match almost any decor. Choose from:
  •     Smooth - Plain varnish-like finish that can vary in high, medium, or low gloss.
  •     Embossed - A textured look that is similar to natural wood grain.
  •     Distressed - A hand scraped look that matches well with antiques or older hardwoods.
  •     Embossed in Registration - Texturing that is an exact match to natural wood grains.

Different brands of engineered wood flooring materials will offer varying selections in thickness, installation method, surface and AC rating. For additional information contact Quantum Floors, located in Boynton Beach, at (561) 509-7173 or visit our state of art showrrom!