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How to Have Gorgeous Hardwood Flooring in West Palm Beach, FL

Some people like to look at real estate listings. Others even spend a Sunday afternoon, going from one open house to another, and you don?t necessarily need to be in the market to buy.

You can get a lot of decorating ideas just by attending open houses. Of course, you?ll also get some great pricing information which will tell you where your local housing market stands.

There are plenty of listings in the West Palm Beach, FL area; in fact, it makes up a portion of the 4 million homes sold across the nation each year, according to the article below.

Source: by Patch Staff.

All of that being said, Quantum Floors, which specializes in hardwood flooring (especially engineered hardwood flooring), is giving you 4 big hardwood flooring decorating suggestions:

1. Layer your hardwood flooring with an area rug to define a specific sitting or work area. For instance, if a corner of your living area includes a desk and work chair, ?section? it off from the rest of the room. An area rug will also help provide some contrast, and the rug?s colors may bring out the yellow or red overtones of the hardwood flooring.
2. Think of hardwood flooring for modern environments, not just for the traditional ones. Imagine a kitchen: It might have contemporary cabinets and lighting. It might have sleek lines. A dark hardwood floor will actually highlight those clean lines, adding a dramatic touch.
3. As with any fashion, you want to coordinate, not match. How many people spend hours and hours looking for the perfect look-alike for a navy blue shirt, when they could have just found a color that coordinates with it? Same with your hardwood floors; just because they are one color or style, doesn?t mean that your entire room needs to be in that decor. The combined styles just need to work!
4. More and more homes these days have an open plan, so be sure to mention that before you install your hardwood flooring to ensure avoidance of troublesome seams and dividers.

Quantum Floors specializes in hardwood flooring, especially engineered hardwood flooring. Made of 100 percent real wood, engineered hardwood flooring has a construction that makes it a little more suitable for the heat, humidity, and moisture of Florida.

While solid hardwood flooring has fibers that run in a parallel straight line, the layering of engineered hardwood flooring makes the fibers intersect, increasing stability and moisture-resistance.

With showrooms in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Quantum Floors also carries laminate and luxury vinyl.