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How to Install Hardwood Flooring in Your West Palm Beach Condo

Condos are a terrific option, especially if you?re in an area that has high property taxes, or is a popular vacation destination like West Palm Beach. With a condo, you buy your own unit in what looks like an apartment building; there are also common areas, such as patio, pool, gardens, recreation center, etc.

A condo gives you the opportunity to own real estate, but you?ll be entering into a shared community. Every condo has its own homeowners association, and each develops bylaws, so as not to disrupt the neighbor?s quiet enjoyment. It?s important to review these bylaws before you undertake any remodeling.

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Flooring, itself, isn?t considered a common area. The homeowners association doesn?t have direct control for performance, unless it affects the building structure. What the homeowners association does have responsibility for, is to make sure that all units comply with Federal and State codes.

Flooring might need to go in front of the Architectural Control Committee, especially if it?s a hard surface where just the act of walking on it can generate noise complaints. The complaints can be expensive to resolve, with that expense coming out of the building?s common fund, and they create a negative atmosphere. Therefore, there might be guidelines, such as not installing a certain type of floor on the first floor of your unit if you have people below you; being sure that works starts and stops at a certain time; proper ventilation so smells don?t seep into other apartments; or to install cushioning underneath the floor.

If the building is prone to water damage, it might benefit you to install engineered hardwood flooring. While it is real wood, the construction is different, which makes it more stable and water resistant. You can find that out about water damage and leaks in the building?s historical document (sometimes called a red herring), which the buyer's attorney often reviews as part of due diligence.

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