Is a Design Consultation a Good Idea?

So you have decided that is it time to do a remodel on your home and you want new floors. Easy?No problem? or so you think initially! You head down to your local flooring retailer because you know that they are more expert and knowledgeable than going to a big box store. ?You will get the individual attention you deserve from flooring professionals at the neighborhood flooring dealer.
One of the great options you will find with a flooring store is a free design consultation. ?You can call beforehand to schedule the meeting with a design consultant or just show up!?

If you choose to go the design consultation route, it will help you clarify not only your style but also your budget. ?In fact, if you have your heart set on a type of flooring and it is out of your budget, the design consultant will make suggestions for a product that suits both your lifestyle and your taste that is affordable.

Be prepared before you go to a consultation. Look through home d?cor magazines and tear sheet pages of styles, designs, colors that appeal to you. Check out websites like Houzz and Pinterest and review all the different interior design options. ?If you want to keep a room cohesive with a style you have existing in your home, bring photos of those rooms plus the room that will be remodeled. ?Maybe you have a pillow at home that reflects the color pallet you want to use. ?Whatever you have, whatever you can think of that reflects your style bring it along!

The design consultant will want to know about your family household and lifestyle and the function of the rooms being redone. ?Are there kids running around, is it an active household, are there pets? ??
Having a design consultation not only helps you with the design, but will help you get organized for the job ahead. ?You will know what to expect and that alone can help alleviate the unknown and reduce stress.

If you have the opportunity for a design consultation with knowledgeable flooring and design experts at your local flooring dealer?.don?t pass it up! ?You will be glad you did!