November drought - Florida

Is West Palm Beach, FL in the Midst of a Historic Drought?

If you have been thinking that it sure has been dry in West Palm Beach, FL lately, it is not your imagination. Weather experts have been putting out reports about just how unusual this dry spell has been and how it can affect us. For many homeowners, their landscaping is suffering, and for others the heat is causing higher energy bills, as the AC continues to run. Here is just a portion of one of the more recent reports to come out:

?A parched Florida is blazing toward the end of 2016, with November going down as the driest in 121 years, and December setting up to sizzle into the record books. Sixteen heat records were broken in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties through Tuesday, including five at Palm Beach International Airport.?


To emphasize the point, we can look at December 18, when the low temp for the day was a balmy 77 degrees. This is a whooping 17 degrees above normal. So, what to do?

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