Laminate Flooring Types, Grades and Colors

The flooring industry changed completely during the 1990s when laminate flooring was introduced. Laminate flooring is basically synthetic flooring (wood, stone, tile) composed of multiple layers laminated together. It is extremely durable, scratch and dent resistant, realistic, and relatively inexpensive. Today's laminate flooring is made so well that it often comes with a lifetime warranty.

Laminate Flooring Installation Types

One of the great advantages of laminate flooring--in this case, wood--is that it is "free-floating"; that is, it can be installed over almost any existing floor surface without being glued. Sections "snap" together like puzzle pieces. This type is most common for home installations. These sections usually come with an acoustical backing already attached, making installation quick and simple. Some types do require glue, or come pre-glued. These would be more representative of larger, heavy traffic areas--as in commercial installations.

Laminate Flooring Grades

Simulated wood flooring comes in different thicknesses--between 7 and 12mm--and a durability grading system known as "AC," which stands for Abrasion Class. This is a 1-5 scale, wherein 1 represents a low traffic, home application, and 5 represents the most durable, high traffic, commercial application.

Laminate Flooring Colors and Styles

Laminate wood flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors, including oak, hickory, mahogany, pine, bamboo, just to name a few. Colors and finishes are inumerable, as are textures and depths of texture. Myriad combinations ensure that finding a floor you like is easy.?

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