Living in Luxury (Tile)

Let?s call this menu item ?sumptuous? ... luxury tile, that is.

What is luxury tile? It is at the very highest end of this category of resilient flooring. Consider it high-performance and high-fashion, intended, right from the start, to be presented and installed as designer-oriented, elegant and tailored products that fit a very personal lifestyle.

The perks of Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile, Luxury Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Flooring, (LVT, LVP and LVF) are about three things: natural looks with enhanced features, high-end quality (and therefore value) and the ability to personalize a room aesthetically.?

One of the aims of this luxury tile category is to be the best looking flooring in, say wood and stone, and to provide characteristics that can perform BETTER than wood and stone. For example, as a resilient, luxury tile never needs refinishing, will not warp due to excessive water or other liquid accumulation, resists scratches due to its super-tough urethane surface treatment, remains quieter to walk on, is far easier to install and maintain, and it?s a lot warmer to the touch when you walk on it.

New designs in luxury tile can mean everything from contemporary colors, vivid brights, ?stardust? and pearlized finishes, neutrals that can make an impact, and abstracts with soft surface patterns, to exotic and distressed woods, colored concretes and fossilized stone, plus metallics, richer colors and wider planks.

With virtually hundreds of designs and the fact that luxury tile is designer-friendly. Look for embellishments such as borders, motifs, stripping and many, many sizes and formats which allow a designer to design in patterns like herringbone, weaves and random-plank installations or to explore a unique world of custom by mixing media.

Many luxury vinyl floors can actually be installed with or without a grout-like substance for either an informal or tailored tile look. It?s available in large decorator sizes, 15 5/8 x 15 5/8 with great warranties against fading, stain and wear out.