Not Your Mom's Wood Floors

It used to be that if Mom didn?t have hardwood floors when the family moved in, chances were that she?d have to wait until the next house or some dream makeover which probably never happened.
The reason wood floors were considered just about dead-last in redecorating years ago was that wood floors were preferred as a ?new construction? item. For making over a home, wood floors used to be very difficult to install and extremely messy.

In less than a generation, wood floors have moved from the sawmills and lumberyards to home fashion centers. ?But a lot of things had to happen pretty much at the same time. ?The advent of pre-finished flooring meant household disruption was no longer a major problem. ?New technologies like engineered wood, new finishes and better installation methods made wood floors a lot easier to fit into existing, active homes. ?

And finally, and probably the most important reason, tastes began to change and broaden just a world markets began to deliver on very unusual- at least to us Americans ? wood species.

Traditionals like oak and maple no longer are the only affordable game. ?Now we are just beginning to see what the possibilities are, from the personalities of the old world to the worn look of the Colonies, to the intricacies of patterns and inlays and the unexpected mysteries of exotics. ?Any or all can now be laid at our feet.

With all kinds of wood flooring arriving from some pretty exotic ports of call (thanks to the new global economy), you can find colors, grains and styles you probably never dreamed of. Better yet, forestry practices and manufacturing techniques are making use of every square inch of precious hardwood and seeing to it that these new fashions can go more places in your home.

See your local flooring retailer and uncover all the choices and styles that may be a perfect fit for your style.