Should You Be Worried About Toxic Chemicals in Engineered Hardwood?

More than a few residents of Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida have been wondering if they should be concerned about toxic chemicals in hardwood and engineered hardwood products. Much of this concern came about because of recent news story that appeared on WPTV. The story focused on a plan developed by a large lumber company in which they offered to test for formaldehyde in some of their flooring products. The offer for the free testing came about because of consumer concerns that some flooring products made in China were releasing formaldehyde into their homes.

Quantum Floors wants to put to rest any concern that may arise because of this news story.
?Lumber Liquidators says the allegations do not involve solid finished or unfinished hardwood, Bellawood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, cork, vinyl, or laminate sourced outside of China. The company says formaldehyde is a natural byproduct found in many home products and does not accumulate in the environment or the body.?

Source: WPTV, Jenn Strathman, <a href="">Free Air Quality Testing Offered by Lumber Liquidators</a>
It is a known fact that many homeowners and business owners in Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida are considering engineered hardwood flooring as a way of enhancing the beauty of their properties. The engineered hardwood flooring that we sell at Quantum Floors is safe and does not contain toxic chemicals that can harm people or pets.

We have over 400 engineered hardwood products in our extensive inventory, and all of them are perfectly safe for use in any type of structure, commercial or residential. We even have over 180 engineered hardwood products that have been rated ?Green?.

The brand names that we carry in engineered hardwood are some of the most respected in the flooring industry. These companies have spent years developing the best flooring products available today. They stand behind their products, and we, Quantum Floors, stand behind them.

If you have any questions about engineered hardwood flooring, please give us a call. We are always happy to assist our customers and to provide whatever information you need to make the best buying decision.