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The 12 Days of Hardwood Flooring (or 12 Reasons to Choose it)

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No worries if you?re seeing this after December 12, because you can see the whole story anyway. The Palm Beach Post says: Check out on the video below, or go to our 12 Dogs of Christmas video playlist to see all the pups.

What fun, said Quantum Floors of West Palm Beach. That said, here are our ?12 Days of Hardwood Flooring.?

1. Hardwood floors are beautiful, what with the many species, patterns, colors and undertones that make it the perfect choice for any style decor.
2. Wood flooring stands up to pets. Different species have different levels of hardness and durability. There?s something called the Janka Scale that measures this, and we use it. Also think about finishes, because they can add toughness. Think about how many times you?ve seen hardwood flooring in restaurants or malls.
3. Hardwood flooring stands up to kids. See entry above!
4. Hardwood is a good long-term investment. It lasts for years, sometimes up to 100, so there aren?t many, if at all, replacement costs.
5. Hardwood floors increase your home?s resale value. When realtors across the U.S. were surveyed, 99 percent of them said homes with hardwood flooring sold faster, and up to 10 percent more than those without.
6. Wood floors are relatively scratch-resistant. Let?s face it, accidents happen, but when you see a scratch, it?ll most likely be in the finish, not the wood itself. That?s an easy fix, because you just need to refinish it. If the scratch is in the wood, it most likely just needs to be sanded.
7. Hardwood flooring is warm. A lot of people mistakenly think it?s cold, but it provides 10 times more insulating capacity than aluminum or steel and five times more than concrete--not to mention it absorbs heat from heating systems.
8. Engineered wood floors are absolutely real wood. Only the construction is different and that?s what makes it more stable than solid hardwood.
9. Engineered hardwood flooring avoids that expansion and contraction that for which solid hardwood is known. Engineered hardwood is more stable and water-resistant so heat and humidity don?t bother it as much.
10. Solid hardwood floors can be acclimatized before installation to avoid expansion and contraction.
11. Wood flooring is easy to clean. Just sweep, vacuum (be sure the beater bars are turned off so they hardwood doesn?t get pounded) Damp mop with a gentle, PH-balanced and preferably manufacturer-approved cleaner and avoid excess water.
12. Buy your hardwood flooring from only the best; in West Palm Beach, FL. that?s at Quantum Floors.

Come into one of Quantum Floor?s showrooms in Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach or Palm Beach Gardens and let our experts show you 12 reasons to choose hardwood flooring.