The Versatility of Tile Flooring

From the baby?s nursery to the kitchen to the front path of your home, there is a tile for every space and every use. ?Unlike other types of flooring, the appropriate tile can dress up every aspect of your home and excel in all types of climate and performance conditions ? heavy traffic, water exposure, freezing high temperatures and the like.
The all-around usefulness of tile has made it a popular flooring and surface choice for thousands of years. Today?s advancements in science and technology offer products that are neutral to the environment, with robust wearability and unmatched aesthetic options.

When making flooring and surface choices, it is no longer a question whether to use tile, but where and how to use it. There are tons of products and variety of installation options at your fingertips.

Tile has terrific aesthetics. Ease of maintenance and value. These three points describe the benefits of the tile when considering surface and flooring options. Add to that new technology and innovative product design, and tile is clearly the preferred choice for surface design decisions.

Whatever the look you are seeking, there is a tile style that will meet your expectations. Perhaps you are thinking of limestone pavers for your entryway. Worried that the foot traffic and inevitable grit and mud will damage and stain the finish? ?Not a problem: digital print technology allows manufacturers to replicate all the details of limestone in non-porous ceramic tiles, for example.

You will see that the extensive color and its variations found in limestone are reinvented with this technology imitating the distinctive nuances of the limestone. You will see that these types of tiles have joints for grout that are clean and narrow. What does this mean for you? ?Well visually it appears as a surface that is continuous. ?It is pretty amazing to say the least.

By choosing tile, you can get the classic look of a limestone paver combined with the durability and easy care of ceramic tile.

Make sure to visit your local flooring dealer and check out all the tile offerings. ?You will be amazed!