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Three Common Hardwood Flooring Myths Dispelled

As always, hardwood flooring is a hot topic among West Palm Beach, FL design aficionados. Here in West Palm Beach, FL, this already popular floor covering options is experiencing a massive surge in popularity, and Quantum Floors thought it might be a good idea to put to rest a few myths surrounding this extremely popular floor covering choice. Let's have a quick look at these common misconceptions and set the record straight, shall we?

1. Damp Mopping is the Best Way to Clean a Hardwood Floor

Before the advent of micro fiber cloth, this was probably true. However, these days the best choice for cleaning the hardwood flooring in your home is to simply use a micro fiber cloth mop such as a Swiffer, or something similar.

The reason we recommend this is because moisture is just about the worst thing for a hardwood floor. Even just a damp mop that is hardly wet at all could be enough to do some lasting damage to your floor.

2. Hardwood Floors are Safe for High-Heel Shoes

This is patently untrue. Due to the fact that the point of a spiked or high heel focuses the force of impact to a distinct point, that force is, in effect, magnified significantly. In fact, this force is so thoroughly focused, that the impact of a high or spike heel shoe, will hit your floor with the equivalent force of an elephants footstep. No matter how well made or durable your wood floors are, there is no way they can withstand an impact of up to 10,000 pounds per square inch. Ditch the heels at the door to save yourself the headache and cost of a damaged floor.

3. Warping, Cupping, or Discoloration are Signs of Defective Hardwood

Again, this is simply untrue. The fact of the matter is that all of these conditions are the result of environmental factors. It is completely normal for a hardwood floors coloration to change over time due to exposure to sunlight.

In fact, some species of hardwood flooring, especially some of the more exotic types like Brazilian Cherry or Tigerwood, are highly valued for the fact that they take on richer tones through exposure to sunlight.

Because this color changing property of wood is well known, it is often recommended that you switch the locations of furniture and rugs, to allow for a more uniform effect.

As far as warping, cupping, and separation of planks are concerned, these problems are almost exclusively the result of moisture problems. Try to maintain a humidity level of 30-50%, and a temperature of 60-80 degrees, to maintain ideal conditions for your hardwood flooring and always be sure to clean up liquid spills immediately.

Well, we certainly hope that cleared up any misbegotten notions you may have had about hardwood flooring. If you happen to be in the market for a new hardwood floor and live in the West Palm Beach, FL area, or you simply have a few questions, Quantum Flooring would love to hear from you! Simply call or stop by one of our showrooms conveniently located in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or Fort Lauderdale.

Our experienced staff of flooring experts would like nothing more than to show you around, or answer any questions you might have about hardwood flooring options for your lovely West Palm Beach, FL home.