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Three Hardwood Flooring Myths That Need Busting

Let's talk a little bit about some of the myths surrounding hardwood flooring, West Palm Beach, FL. One of the biggest parts of our job here at Quantum Floors is answering questions about our products, and over the years we have seen a persistent set of questions that many people have, that spring from certain myths surrounding wood flooring. So, we thought it would be helpful to collect a few of the most persistent myths and lay them to rest. Here are the three big ones and why they are wrong:

1. Myth: Wood is Expensive

While it is true that wood requires a somewhat higher initial investment, the fact of the matter is that it is actually quite economical, when taking a longer view.

Installing hardwood flooring in your West Palm Beach, FL home is a great way to increase the overall value of your home. Few flooring options offer such an incredible return on investment. Wood is also prized for its durability and longevity. Also, when you consider the fact that other flooring materials will need to be replaced more frequently than wood, it starts to look a lot less expensive.

2. Myth: Flooring Made of Wood Depletes Forests

It is easy to see why people might think this, but the reality of the situation is quite the opposite. The wood used to make your floors comes from commercially managed tree-farms. For every cubic foot of wood that is harvested in the U.S., another 1.66 cubic feet of wood is planted to replace it. This policy has actually led to a 90% increase in forested areas in the United States.

3. Myth: Engineered Hardwood Flooring Isn't Actually Wood

Many people tend to confuse engineered wood with other flooring materials that mimic the look and feel of wood. In reality, the only non-wood products used in the construction of engineered flooring that is made from wood is the adhesives used to bind the product together. Because they are made from real wood, your engineered floor will look and feel just like wood once installed, and even an expert in flooring would have a hard time telling the difference between the two.

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