Tips On the Best Hardwood Flooring in West Palm Beach, FL

engineered hardwood flooring

At Quantum Floors, we specialize in the engineered hardwood flooring West Palm Beach, FL wants and needs. If you needed your eyes examined, you would go to an optometrist, not a podiatrist. Why visit a flooring store that carries hundreds of carpet options when you only want hardwood flooring? Would it not be better to visit a store that specializes in hardwood flooring? We think so, and that is why we offer some of the very best wood flooring systems that you will find in the entire Palm Beaches area.

When you visit one of our showrooms, you will be delighted to find that we have a truly complete selection of fine hardwood flooring. We offer you the best in name brand wood flooring systems, and we offer you a full range of styles and surface finishes. This is something that you do not always find with other flooring stores that only carry a few hardwood options. That is not the case with Quantum Floors. We have what you are looking for; it is that simple!

As you may know, the engineered hardwood flooring West Palm Beach, FL wants is popular for several reasons. For instance, unlike solid hardwood flooring which can only be installed in areas above grade where moisture is not a problem, engineered hardwood flooring systems can be installed virtually anywhere, even below grade. This means that virtually every home or business can now have the beauty and elegance that comes with wood flooring, and have that beauty in any room they want.

Another benefit that engineered hardwood offers is that you can find systems in just about any wood species you can think of today. From the warmth of traditional red oak to the exciting new exotic hardwoods that so many homeowners are now demanding, all can be found at our showrooms.

We have three showrooms; one in Palm Beach Gardens; one in Boynton Beach and one in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you are looking for the engineered hardwood flooring West Palm Beach, FL wants, just stop by one of our stores and let us show you what we have available.