West Palm Beach hardwood floors

Top Flooring Trends in West Palm Beach Florida in 2017

The housing market can be very competitive, no doubt about that, but one way to get a leg up in the market is to stay abreast of the latest trends when remodeling your home for resale. Here in West Palm Beach, FL, hardwood flooring is a spectacular way to take advantage of these trends and raise the sticker price and aesthetics of your home. So, what are the top trends in hardwood flooring? Here are a few of the hottest trends in hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, FL this year:

? Hand Scraped Flooring

Without a doubt, the national trend toward more textured looks are a major factor in choosing hardwood flooring in 2017, and West Palm Beach, FL is no exception.

More and more, people are opting for more rustic, hand scraped looks to add a bit of classic old world charm to their homes. This style of flooring looks elegant, rare and, most important, expensive. If it looks expensive, prospective buyers are bound to be willing to pay more for it. This makes hand scraped flooring an excellent choice for boosting the attractiveness of your home to prospective buyers.

? Extremes

Many people are opting for one of two extreme staining choices for their floors this year. Either really rich, dark, even black stains, or really light blonde shades, or bamboo flooring.

Homes with lighter cabinetry and trim benefit greatly from the darker toned stains. The contrast between the lighter colored accents and the dark floor creates a real "Wow!" factor that cannot be denied. The only drawback here is that darker floors tend to make a room appear smaller, and also show dirt more easily. Lighter floors, on the other hand, do not show dirt as easily, and tend to make a room feel more open and bright. They play well in rooms with lots of natural light.

? Wide Planks

Wide plank flooring is quickly leaving the trend zone and becoming a staple of hardwood flooring choices. It's no surprise when you consider how they accent the beautiful grain of the wood and add a spacious feel to any room. Another attractive feature of wide plank floors is the price; they tend to cost a bit less than their narrow counterparts.

These are just a few of the latest trends of 2017. If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to stop by one of our Quantum Floors showrooms in Boynton Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, or Palm Beach Gardens. Our savvy team of flooring experts are on hand to demonstrate all the latest trends in hardwood flooring. We hope to see you soon!