Types of Laminate Flooring

Floors can be decorated with many types of material, but laminate flooring is among the most creative options you have. The following are the major types of laminate flooring that you can get from Quantum Floors, your expert providers of laminate wood flooring material.?

Laminate Flooring Installation Types

Most forms of laminate flooring are split into three kinds of installation types. Most fall into a category known as Glueless Click, where the parts and pieces can be snapped together to create floorboards in almost any size.
The other major type of installation format is a Glued Laminate, which requires you to physically apply the glue before pressing the boards together. This is more time-intensive than the Glueless Click format, but it does improve the strength of the floor. Some types of laminate come Pre-Glued, speeding installation a little but otherwise acting identically to Glued Laminate.

Laminate Flooring Surface Types

Quantum Floors is proud to offer four different surface types for laminate products. Smooth surfaces are available in both high-gloss and low-gloss versions, and use a layer of varnish to mimic hardwoods. Embossed and Textured boards mimic the grain of wood or stone, providing a very different appearance to the wood.For those who want a more aged look, Hand-scraped laminate mimics the appearance of antique flooring at a cost that's far more reasonable, while the Embossed in Registration technique acts as a closer match to the original design - generally a wood grain of some kind when accuracy is truly important.

Laminate Flooring AC Rating

If you're thinking about installing laminate flooring, then this rating is what you should start with. The AC rating is a measure of how durable the product is - it stands for "Abrasion Class", not "Air Conditioning", and a higher grade means more ability to resist damage. There are five ratings, but you shouldn't need to go beyond AC3. In order, they are:

  • ? ? AC1: Moderate Residential flooring, suitable for areas with low levels of traffic (closets, bedrooms, etc.)
  • ? ? AC2: General Residential flooring, for dining and living rooms. Most homes will be safe with this as an option.
  • ? ? AC3: Heavy Residential flooring, built for high-traffic areas like entryways and anywhere else that you will constantly travel.
  • ? ? AC4 and AC5 are commercial-grade types of laminate flooring, but they may still be a viable option for homes that are used as showrooms or otherwise opened to the public. Other houses should not bother going this high.

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