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West Palm Beach Homeowners Find Holiday Cheer with Hardwood Flooring

Want some holiday cheer? Here are some beloved holiday libations that will get your guests in the holiday spirit: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/lifestyles/recipes/si... by Beth McKibben.

Now it?s time to spread the cheer to your home, and you can do that with hardwood flooring. Don?t go to anyone but an expert to buy it and, in West Palm Beach, the expert is Quantum Floors.

We couldn?t help noticing that the featured beverages, like coquito (a coconut-based rum punch that?s popular in Puerto Rico), mulled wine or champagne-soaked red cherries, also matched what could be some of the color undertones of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring often has brilliant undertones, such as red, orange, cream, brown or ash. When coordinated with other wood, accessories, art, window views or upholstery, the undertones can be highlighted to create dramatic effects.

That got us thinking. How could you use your holiday decorations to bring them out?

What holiday decorations would also match up with hardwood flooring undertones?

Here are just a few things:

? Fireplace: Okay, so we really don?t need to use them all that much in Florida, but whether it?s log-burning, electric, or just a fake one, nothing looks better with hardwood flooring. Fireplaces are decorated with poinsettias, greens, tinsel or stockings, all of which would bring out undertones.
? Throw pillows: Any accessory, if coordinated well with your hardwood flooring, can create a smashing contrast or even a highlight. If, for example, your floor has a cream-colored undertone, a pillow with a cream-colored background, plus some reds or green pattern, would make it stand out.
? Picture or Bay Windows: If they look out into an evergreen forest, or if you even decorate a tree right outside the window, the hardwood floor can pick up the color of the decorations. If you?re lucky enough to look out into the ocean--Wow!
? Centerpieces: Well, here?s some good news. You can now recycle a lot of that stuff you no longer want, because you can make a centerpiece from just about anything. Use colors that will bring out the undertones in your hardwood floor.

Quantum Floors is the hardwood flooring provider in West Palm Beach. The company also stocks laminate and luxury vinyl. There are showrooms in Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens and Boynton Beach, Fl.