West Palm Beach Homeowners:  Think Orange is Just for Pumpkins?

West Palm Beach Homeowners: Think Orange is Just for Pumpkins?

Everything?s coming up oranges, pumpkins, that is, not to mention those glorious colors of turning leaves: www.palmbeachpost.com by Laura Lordi and Corvaya Jeffries.

While we?re at it, let?s think about autumn and how it might be time to dress up your home, just in time for the holidays. With hardwood flooring, you can create almost any atmosphere, from Country French to Colonial to Contemporary and Traditional. For the best selection in West Palm Beach, see the hardwood flooring experts at Quantum Floors.

While hardwood flooring comes in 3 main tones, light, dark, and medium, there are numerous color undertones that you need to identify, whether it?s orange, red, brown, cream, yellow, ashy gray, etc. You need to think about them, so you can use them to the fullest to create contrast.

It seems like a big challenge, but it?s really not. You can go with the easiest solution and choose a neutral paint shade for your walls, that?ll go with anything. It will still add style, such as an ebony hardwood for your kitchen floor, with cabinets painted white or silver. Or, you can identify the undertone, look on the color wheel and find a shade that?s exactly the opposite. For instance, a blue-gray color for the walls, when your floor has an orange undertone. If your hardwood flooring has a red undertone, maybe select a dark green for the wall. That will create a stunning effect.

Now that?s dramatic!

You can also play up the light and dark, by selecting a color of a different intensity. For example, if you have mahogany floors, perhaps choose a wall paint or upholstery in light gold or peach. If your hardwood flooring is pine, perhaps select brick or eggplant for the walls.

Most people have heard of hardwood flooring?s expansion and contraction. This is the wood?s way of trying to adjust to climate conditions, especially the heat and humidity of Florida. You can either acclimatize it before installing, or choose the simplest option: Engineered hardwood flooring. It?s real wood, but the construction is different, making it more stable and water-resistant.

Come into Quantum Floors and let us show you some of the wonderful things you can accomplish with hardwood flooring. We have 3 showrooms: Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL.