What is a floating floor?

What is a Floating Floor?

The term "floating floor" refers to the construction of flooring material that locks together using a system similar to a puzzle piece where the material locks together creating a tight bond. With this tight bond, the floor is stable without any attachment to the sub-floor.

Floating floors are beneficial for a multitude of reasons, including ease of installation.?Read on to find out whether a floating floor installation is right for your home or apartment.

Look down at the floor you?re standing on right now. It might look like a single sheet, but it?s actually made from three separate layers: flooring material you walk on; a layer of subflooring; and finally, a strong network of joists that provide support like a skeleton.?

Floating floor installation

Other installation methods of flooring are firmly nailed or glued to the layers below, creating a permanent attachment that lasts until the floor is torn out and replaced. Floating floors are technologically advanced to lock together so they are placed atop the subfloor without permanently adhering to it.?

Floating floors are an excellent option because of their ease of installation.? The ?click-lock? system in floating floors has evolved to be efficiently installed, making it easier to update your floors without long term disruption to your everyday life. Also, these products have evolved with more durability for long-lasting life.

If you?re interested in a floating floor for your home, ask the friendly flooring experts at Quantum Floors how to get started. Whether your project is small or large, we?re here to help make sure it goes smoothly.?Want to learn more about your flooring options? Check out the Flooring 101 section of our website by clicking here.