hardwood flooring West Palm Beach

When it Comes to Hardwood Flooring, West Palm Beach, FL Thinks Outside the Box

Hardwood flooring is extremely popular here in West Palm Beach, FL and this has caused a sort of hardwood flooring arms race in the area. The real estate market is very competitive here, and many people rely upon hardwood flooring to make their West Palm Beach, FL home stand out from the rest.

Bearing this in mind, many people are opting for bolder, more modern statements from their hardwood flooring. This has led to some rather interesting trends, and has opened up new vistas of opportunity, to have a floor that will make a prospective buyer seriously take note of your home. Hardwood floors are an impressive feature in any home, so just imagine the impact of an impressively distinct hardwood floor!

Let's take a moment and look at the three most popular choices among homeowners looking to make a statement with their hardwood flooring in the West Palm Beach, FL area:

1. Wide Planks

A lot of people are setting aside the old narrow hardwood planks in favor of wider planks. Wider planks are considered to be the perfect way to convey a bold sophisticated look, while others enjoy the wider planks, because they allow the character and grain of the wood to shine through more clearly. In either case, narrow is out, and wide is in.

2. Exotics

There is probably no better way to make your hardwood floor stand out than by having it be made of an exotic species of hardwood. After looking at house after house of the same old hardwoods, imagine the impact on a prospective buyer when they feast their eyes on the warm glow and stunning array of rich colors swimming in the grain of your beautiful Tigerwood floor.

Though exotic wood species may cost a bit more than their more common hardwood counterparts, the value of their impact on a prospective buyer is not to be underestimated.

3. Long Planks

Long planks are a popular all around the country at the moment for their ability to really open up a room, and make it appear more spacious than it really is.

However, they are an especially popular hardwood flooring choice here in West Palm Beach, FL, because long slats with white or lighter gray tones lend a coastal look that's perfect for beach front homes.

The great thing about hardwood floors is their versatility. By mixing and matching species and stains, a wide range of opportunities to make your floor stand out present themselves. The trick is to simply find the impactful flooring options that fit your home's layout and decor.

With a good eye for design and the latest trends, your home will be sure to leave a lasting impression on any prospective buyer, in addition to increasing its market resale value!