Wood Flooring - Expect the Unexpected

Wood flooring has always been cherished for its unique character. Unique species imported from far away places are still setting trends. Often not thought of as wood flooring options, these exotic woods present amazing new colors and tones. Blues from African woods, for example, add to the palette of neutral browns and yellows Americans are most familiar with.

What's hot in hardwood flooring

Ship decking is a fresh option, offering colors ranging from deep mahogany to weathered grey. What?s ?ship decking?? It?s a distinctive, slim-line nautical look featuring the authentic appearance of beveled, black joints, just like the deck of a sailing ship.

Teak is especially hot. If you?re looking for a wood floor to go with your hi-tech kitchen or sleek bath, a teak floor, with natural moisture-repelling oils and bacterial resistance, could be ideal, especially if your color scheme runs to light or medium browns and warm orange undertones.

Genuine Teak is a premium wood highly coveted for centuries. Sadly, much of the original teak forest has been cut down. But fortunately, the Malaysian Government, committed to protecting the environment, now manages its forestry resources on a sustainable basis. Conscientious consumers might want to consider Malaysian Teak?or alternative ?teak? looks. Ipe (ee-pay), for example, is more durable than teak and grows abundantly through South and Central America. With bath trends continuing towards chocolate browns and natural materials, Ipe is?well?a natural!

Iroko, often referred to as African Teak, is also a superior alternative. Harder than oak?even adaptable to marine environments??African Teak? has properties identical to Genuine Teak but grows abundantly and is far less expensive. Its rich natural color varies from pale golden brown to dark chocolate.

When considering the heart and soul of your project?the creative side?let your imagination go! Old world? Custom? Contemporary? Cozy? Chic? Striking wood floor looks can be achieved by integrating different stains?even mixing gloss levels?matte, semi and high gloss in the same room. The possibilities are endless.?